Your New Home is Ready

We mean ready. Not just built. Buying new means never buying somebody else’s problems. By the time you’ve fixed, added on and remodeled an older home – you’re practically already a house ahead by buying the house you want in the ideal neighborhood, with nothing left but to enjoy the time and money you saved. From Day One.

This site is for any homebuyer, whether you’ve been looking in the resale or new home market, to consider the advantages of buying new – living new. After all, the point is not just to buy a newly built house to own a new house, but to make it your home from Day One.

New Homes Wichita sets a standard for all participating builders to list their homes on this site. Our premier builders go beyond the basic amenities you expect. This means going beyond quality materials and construction. It means that the house you will make a home is built for your everyday experiences. Every small detail, where you like to have the dishwasher, how you like every window to open with ease, the solid feel of substantial interior doors, watch the natural light fill your kitchen table, gather your friends for a barbecue. You should see yourself in your new home. That’s the test that really counts every time you walk a model home.

Own your property. Don’t let your property own you. Live in your home, not for your house.

Think About It

You love the classic neighborhoods and homes for their charm, warmth, status and resale appeal. So do our builders. That’s why they don’t just build houses. They collaborate on building classic neighborhoods – except with modern design, materials, infrastructure, mature landscaping better suited to the climate, and smarter community planning.

This is your story

You go to friends’ house for a swimming party in a beautiful old neighborhood. You’ve always wanted a place like it. It’s got 1930s Art Deco charm, lots of brick and vines, friendly, in an overgrown sort of way. Then, at some point all your friends will talk about their houses: Taking care of the pool is a second career. The other friends who found out that “mid-century” means mid-century plumbing, mid-century wiring, a mid-century foundation. Everybody’s basement leaks. They just accept it like the Kansas weather and income taxes.

The next morning, you go to the new home in a new neighborhood you’re looking at for another walkthrough. You realize 90-year-old charm is no match for space, beauty and charm. You do a mental inventory of everything you heard your friends spending to have the homes as they wanted them and you roughly figure you’re starting out $75,000 to $200,000 ahead in the new place and you don’t have to wait several years to make an old house new again and the basement doesn’t leak and it never will. You’re a house ahead of your friends.

This is your AHA! moment

This is the AHA Moment experienced by the hundreds of families who bought new after comparing not just the homes but the neighborhoods, the resale values, the future maintenance costs. In other words, the people who visited model homes built by the best builders in the premier neighborhoods could see themselves living in the house they wanted rather than the house they were settling for. And they bought new.

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