Selecting a Constractor

To protect yourself from disreputable contractors in the Greater Wichita Area, a task force recommends hiring only licensed contractors and diligently vetting them by checking references, business relationships, and insurance coverage. Ensure that you have a comprehensive written contract that details the work to be done, costs, and warranties, and never make the final payment until you are completely satisfied with the completed work.

Selecting a Builder

When shopping for a new home, the quality of your builder is as crucial as the features of the home itself; start your home-buying journey by vetting professional builders first. Research builders’ reputations, visit their completed projects, scrutinize the quality of construction, and inquire about post-sale services and warranties to make an informed decision, ensuring your new home is a sound and satisfying investment.

Why Buy New, Top 10

Buying a new home offers a range of benefits including increased space for growing families and various lifestyles, energy-efficient construction, personalized amenities, and financial advantages like building equity and tax breaks. With the Wichita area economy being stable and strong, low financing rates, and a great selection of homes, the time is right for investing in a new property for both immediate and future benefits.

Home Energy Efficiency

According to a consumer preference survey by the National Association of Home Builders, energy management is the most desired home technology feature, as home buyers increasingly seek long-term value, convenience, safety, and comfort in their homes. Technologies like automated HVAC systems, water heaters with timers, and programmable lighting not only provide these benefits but can also significantly reduce annual energy costs, saving homeowners an estimated $200 to $400 according to Energy Star.

House Construction Job Titles

Various professionals play key roles in the home construction process, each with distinct responsibilities: the general contractor oversees subcontractors and materials, building inspectors ensure code compliance, and construction managers assist the general contractor. Financial institutions provide construction and end loans, title insurance companies assure clear titles, and roles like architects, interior designers, and surveyors contribute specialized expertise, with some requiring state licensure or professional association memberships.

Aging in Place

Aging in Place refers to the trend of individuals preferring to live independently in their homes regardless of age, with statistics indicating a high demand for such lifestyle modifications. To meet this growing need, the NAHB has developed a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) program, teaching professionals how to make homes more accessible; recommended home features include a first-floor master bedroom, low-threshold entrances, and specialized lighting techniques.

Benefits of Buying New

Prospective home buyers choosing between resale and new properties should consider the unique advantages of new homes, which often include energy-efficient designs, customizable elements, and warranties. Aside from these advertised features, new communities offer the opportunity for immediate neighborly bonds, contemporary open layouts ideal for entertaining, a blank canvas for personal decoration both inside and outside, and ample electrical outlets tailored to today’s technology needs.

Home Financing

Buying your first home is an exciting yet complex process that requires careful financial planning and understanding of the mortgage landscape. To prepare, prospective buyers should conduct thorough research, use mortgage calculators to determine what they can afford, pay down existing debts, attend first-time home buying seminars, and ultimately seek pre-approval for a loan to better position themselves in a competitive market.

Home Buyer Glossary

Navigating the complexities of home buying involves understanding a range of specialized terms and conditions, from “Adjustable-Rate Mortgage” to “Veterans Administration.” This comprehensive glossary serves as a valuable guide for prospective home buyers, covering essential vocabulary like “Appraisal,” “Closing Costs,” “Equity,” and more to help you make informed decisions throughout the process.

Owner Tips

Once the excitement of moving into a new home settles, it’s crucial to focus on routine maintenance to ensure long-term comfort and savings. This comprehensive guide offers practical advice on maintaining everything from heating and cooling systems to driveways, emphasizing the importance of understanding your warranty terms and carrying out regular upkeep to avoid future complications.